Welcome to my website where you can find out about what I write.

A new edition  of Festival Fireworks is published on January 6th 2020 as an ebook and shortly after, as a paperback with a new cover and formatting.

Aussie Jill arrives in Edinburgh at Festival time, at the start of a gap year. Unfortunately, her boss at the temporary job she’s taken turns out to be her grumpy neighbour, Andrew, aka Mr Bossy. As the Festival fireworks explode over the city every night, they start to fall in love. Then Jill has to return suddenly to Australia. Can their budding romance survive or will the fireworks fizzle and die?


A Scottish Childhood: Growing up a Baby Boomer is available from Amazon either in the UK or abroad. It’s a collection of the articles I wrote for the magazine Scottish Memories, illustrated with the many wonderful photos my father, a keen amateur and prize-winning photographer, took of us as we grew up in the West of Scotland.A Scottish Childhood


One of my latest books is Take  Leaf Out of My Book, a selection of  12 short stories, all different, which will appeal to many tastes.leaf-cover-09-16

Meet the inept Glasgow private eye, find out about Ped Xing and share a young girl’s suffering in a war-torn country.

Glimpse a Glasgow in the near future, encounter Scotland’s bard in Heaven and find out how an immigrant bests her trafficker.

It’s available on Amazon as an ebook or a paperback.


And my children’s book of short stories and poems with a difference is now available on Amazon. Read the rationale behind this book on my June 2017 blog entry A Drop of Rainbow Magic.

Rainbow 2 copy


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dear Ann,

    I was a regular attender for a year at the Ayr Writers’ Group a few years ago. I seem to recall we had a common interest in Finland. I have now self-published my first novel pseudonymously – there is an acknowledgement of the Group’s contribution – and I was wondering if you and/or the Group would be interested in a complimentary copy. If so, is there an address I could send it to, please?

    Kindest regards,


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