The Ballantrae Smugglers Festival Short Story Competition

Over the past few weeks I’ve been receiving entries for the Ballantrae Smugglers Festival short story competition, especially those for the children’s competition. There were over 100 entries for this from youngsters just at the end of their first year at school, to older children who will move on to secondary school after the summer. And they’ve come from not only the local area but as far away as the Channel Islands.

Anyone who doubts that children’s imaginations nowadays are not being used should read some of the wonderful stories they’ve created. Some youngsters in one school created their own books, wrote their stories in them and illustrated them with gusto. In most cases, the smugglers met their comeuppance in the shape of the excisemen but one or two of the writers let them slip off to bed at the end, after a hard day’s work smuggling.

I’ve now passed them on to the judges who will have the hard task of picking winners though I feel they all deserve a prize. They’re all winners!

Last year’s winner, Abby Gray.

last year's winner

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