Writing Travel Articles

The editor at Buckettrippers.com has asked us writers to link with the site to increase traffic. So here’s the link to my articles that I’ve done for them in the past couple of years;


Can you visit the site and like it and help poor struggling authors earn a few more shekels?

And I’ve got plenty more articles I could be writing on my latest trip to Japan. One is done and waiting to be posted and I’ve been pitching for other markets to sell them to. It’s so depressing though, when they don’t even bother to reply. I know they’re busy but even a curt ‘no’ doesn’t take much effort and would let me cross that particular outlet off my list of possibles.

By the way, the photo at the top of the blog is of streams of origami cranes made by schoolchildren and displayed at Hiroshima Peace Park, the site where the first atomic bomb was detonated. The crane in Japan symbolises longevity and good fortune. I bought a mini origami set to try to make them but so far, the packet is unopened. Another distraction which I’m trying not to take up!