New Website Coming!



Peaceful scene to keep me calm and meditative while I do it.

I’ve been working on changing my blog to a website to replace the, frankly, very outdated one I presently have. It remains out of date because the CD I originally used to develop it has been corrupted and I couldn’t get in to update it.

And when I did get in with the help of a computer literate son, I found it was way beyond me, having forgotten what I did then and lost the instructions to boot!

But I haven’t found this new one easy either. I’ve had to contact various WordPress ‘happiness engineers’ (sounds like something out of Disney) to help and they have pointed me in various directions and shown me what I should do. The person who writes a step-by-step guide for idiots on WordPress websites will make a fortune.

Ok, I know there are a lot of you computer whiz kids out there who will be having a quiet snigger at my attempts (probably all under 20 years old though I know of one very savvy lady of mature years who could knock the lot of you into cyberspace and yes, Chris that’s you). For the rest of us ordinary computer punters it’s a case of getting help where and when we can.

All(!) that I now have to do is to take down the old website and transfer the new one over to that host (which happens to be the afore-mentioned son and he gives me it for free) so watch this space. Don’t hold your breath whatever you do, as I may be some time.

Hopefully, I’ll see you all there!

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